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Thomas Choice West 2016 Pool Pass Application
If you are new to the community or do not already have pool passes or need to add additional members to your household, please complete the following pool pass application for your new 2016 pool passes.  You can wither attach a .jpg or .png head shot for your pool passes or you can come to the management office at the scheduled pass pick-up times to have your photo taken to be added to your pool pass.  

Property Address:*
Owner's Name(s):*
Owner's Address (if different from property address):
Owner's Phone:*
Owner's Alternate Phone:
Owner's E-Mail:*
Tenant's Name(s) (if applicable) as it/they appear on the lease:
Tenant's Phone(s):
Tenant's E-Mail(s):
Resident 1 Full Name:
Resident 1 Date of Birth:
Resident 1 Photo:
Resident 2 Full Name:
Resident 2 Date of Birth:
Resident 2 Photo:
Resident 3 Full Name:
Resident 3 Date of Birth:
Resident 3 Photo:
Resident 4 Full Name:
Resident 4 Date of Birth:
Resident 4 Photo:
Resident 5 Full Name:
Resident 5 Date of Birth:
Resident 5 Photo:
Resident 6 Full Name:
Resident 6 Date of Birth:
Resident 6 Photo:
Resident 7 Full Name:
Resident 7 Date of Birth:
Resident 7 Photo:
Resident 8 Full Name:
Resident 8 Date of Birth:
Resident 8 Photo:
I agree that I have read and understand the Thomas Choice Gardens Pool Rules and Regulations:
To prevent automated SPAM, please enter 4CTZ to submit your form (case sensitive):*

* indicates required field